>Hi, I'm Jenn…Have We Met?

>Guess who’s back to the blogging world….and oh how I’ve missed it! So I went on a small hiatus from the world of blogging. Ok, quite a large hiatus actually. Temporarily closed up shop, but always knowing I’d be back. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the “where did you go’s” and “what the hecks?” and “give me the password to the blog!?!” that I received from so many of you. I had no idea you all were so interested in my musings, recipes and paparazzi-like photos of my every move. But then again, I feel the same about you – and look forward to getting reacquainted.

What you won’t find on this first post back to the blogging world, or ever, is a long-winded explanation of “why the hiatus?” Because if you know me and love me, you already know and there’s no need for further discussion. (or, if you USED to read the blog and have stumbled upon this new blog, AND if you have half a brain, you can probably figure it out.)

However, If you don’t know me and are just a blogging stalker (don’t be ashamed, I do it too…matter of fact I pride myself on it….I know what you did yesterday…yes you), then this is even more fun. Because I could have been anywhere, for any reason. And since we don’t really know each other and you only know and believe what I tell you…..

Reason for blogging hiatus – possible scenario #1:

I’ve been on a 3 month-long treasure hunt. That’s right. One night in April I sat on my couch watching “Fool’s Gold.” (I’ll watch anything where Matthew McConaughey parades around shirtless most of the movie, diving in and out of the ocean.) I was inspired and intrigued….it seemed easier than hitting the lottery, but with the same pay off. AND, I could lay on the beach in between “hunts” and eat fresh seafood. Plus, if I’m lucky, a pirate ship captained by Jack Sparrow (yes sir) might show up and challenge me for my new-found treasure, which would mean a.)an encounter with Johnny Depp and b.)the opportunity to make national news…pirates are HUGE right now! Long-story short….you really shouldn’t believe everything you see in the movies. Lesson-learned – no pirates, no treasure and no Johnny Depp. I DID get a tan. But anyways, that’s the reason for the hiatus.

Reason for blogging hiatus – possible scenario #2:

I was the lone gunman on the grassy knoll.

Reason for blogging hiatus – possible scenario #3:

I’ve been in Alaska. I caught wind several months ago about this whole Governor Palin fiasco….heard she was thinking about “stepping down” from being the Gov. I like the Palin – I don’t want to see her throw it all away. Leaving the Governor position to shoot mooses (moose? Meeses? Yeah…meeses), club baby seals and ice fish with the other hockey moms WILL NOT give her the continued experience she needs to make that run at President in 2012….or 2016….or whenever. It just won’t. So I took it upon myself to visit the great state of sunny Alaska to talk some sense into her. It took a while….a lot of talking….a lot of apparently useless reasoning and negotiating. She just kept saying things about “pit bulls and lipstick,” and pointing out across the frozen lakes and telling me to wave to Russia….it was all just really confusing. So I’ve returned from this unsuccessful mission, back to Nashville…which was actually not a total loss. Because if I ever see a moose in Nashville, I’m now fully equipped with the skills to stop it in its tracks. OR, shall we have a deep freeze this winter and all other food sources be eradicated – you can find me ice fishing on Percy Priest Lake. Thanks Gov. 😉 Anyways, that’s the reason for the hiatus.

So there you have it – believe what you will, trust what you wish, and take it all with a grain of salt. This part, I really and truthfully mean.

I’m back, and with a vengeance. Check back early and often.



4 thoughts on “>Hi, I'm Jenn…Have We Met?

  1. >this totally cracks me up! if you do go to alaska – make sure j and i know! he'll give us a tour! 🙂 supa glad to have jenn wade back in action!

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