>Grace in Small Things

>Lately more than ever, I’m finding grace in the small things. Appreciating life’s little beauties and trying to balance every bad or sad with a moment of good grace, no matter how small. So how perfect and ironic that I come across this Web site (linked below), Grace in Small Things. So here’s my committment, for 365 days (maybe not consecutively) to appreciate grace in small things, share them with you and encourage you to do the same….

Grace in Small Things – 1 of 365

1.) Summer scarves. And the excuse they provide to wear a wife-beater to work because they sure do dress it up.

2.) Fresh peaches from an actual orchard…no middle man – sorry Kroger.

3.) My new business card holder, that reads “well behaved women seldom make history.”

4.) Rain drops on Music Row….makes me feel safe and cozy in my little office.

5.) Friends and family…and wedding bells. This is NOT a small thing – but certainly full of grace.


Grace in Small Things was created as a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook.

Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.

Grace in Small Things is for YOU, because you deserve it.

Grace in Small Things is a challenge for every day, because there’s no time like the present, tomorrow never comes, and some other cliche about seizing the day. Oh, right: carpe diem.

HERE – or your blog, or a notebook….or wherever you want to write your small things down…

Grace in Small Things can be observed on your network weblog here, on your personal weblog elsewhere, in a notebook, or in smoke on the wind. The original challenge is to list five positive things every day, but we are a flexible lot, and since this is about finding joy, you should do it any which way that makes the most sense to you.



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