>Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Wade

>It’s official, Josh is married to the lovely Ashley Wade. WOW, how weird and wonderful does that sound!?

The wedding was beautiful – seriously the sweetest, most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been too…and I’m not even being biased. Josh called me this morning from Mexico and said they feel like royalty on their honeymoon at the all-inclusive resort. They’re having a blast and I’m so jealous they’re being wined, dined and pampered at every turn – but mostly just happy for them 🙂

A few of my favorite pictures below, but you can see them all, HERE.

Dad, the best man, leading in Josh and preacher Gary.

Josh walking in his Momma.

A little praying.

You may kiss your bride.

My favorite one from the whole bunch.

Me and the happy couple – my dress used to be long…but I got hot…nothing a little scissors, liquid courage and snap-decision-making can’t fix. Muhahah.
Me with my sweet cousin Kent, his wonderful wife Clara, and my lovely Aunt Brenda.
Me with my parents – you might can tell that this one is at the end of the night.

Josh and Ashley waiting on their own personal fireworks show.


2 thoughts on “>Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Wade

  1. >You're BACK!! I thought I had lost you forever… so happy to be able to stalk you, too friend!! And yes, meeting up in Nashville is a MUST very soon neighbor =)

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