>Pioneer Woman

>I live in the great city of Nashville – Music City. Having come from Kingston, it’s a big city to me. Many would argue with you, if you said that though. Nashville really is a big city with a small town feel, and that’s probably why I’ve survived and thrived here over the past 5 years. I guess any city is what you make it, but it really does feel like home. I’ve always felt like I could go either way, too – the small town or the big city. And I love that.

I get the same butterflies in my stomach when I drive down I-40 and the Nashville skyline comes into view, as I do when I drive the opposite direction on I-40 and the Smoky Mountains come into view. It’s the same…but different. I think I could live on a farm and feed chickens just as easily as I could sit at a desk and crank out press releases. It’s a different uphoria – a different sense of accomplishment.

A few times ago when I was home at my parents house, I went into our old barn and kicked around a few dried up cow patties and climbed the ladder to the hay loft in the barn on Friday night…it gave me the same sense of pleasure, but different all at the same time, as sipping a specialty martini at the Acorn in Nashville. Seriously – and I love that about life, about my roots and about my Nashville.

There’s a blog I love reading – The Pioneer Woman. It’s how I satisy the daily internal pull of “I should have been a cowgirl.” I live vicariously through Ree Drummond. You should too. Great photography, great stories (wow, she’s a great writer), and great recipes.


Enjoy – and after reading if you by chance feel the urgent pull to move to a ranch somewhere in the Midwest and figure out this whole raising cattle thing, take me with you.



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