>Handy Dandy Daddy

>I posted about this on the old blog, so I apologize for the duplication if you’re a faithful reader, but I wanted to post again about my talented Dad.

He reminded me so, the last time he was in town a couple of weeks ago when he asked me to take a picture of the TV stand he made for me. I asked why, and Mom said “for bragging rights.” Ha 🙂

They’re warranted, though. Look at this craftmanship! (And that’s Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, for all of you non-Food Network watchers.)

This furniture is really special to me – it’s beautiful and was made with lots of love.

You can also see some other goodies in this picture – there’s my Super Nintendo. I still love it and play it from time to time. It’s an antique and you have to blow on all of the games AND on the system before any of them will work…and hold your head just right…and apply just the right amount of pressure to the “reset” button…and sometimes it still doesn’t work…but I love it.

You can also see the “Gator” embossed football that knocked me out during the UT vs. FL game in 2004. We won that game in a last second field goal (way to go Wilhoit), but I was barely standing to see it since my concussion was just beginning to really set in. Ah college….



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