>I Think I Missed My Calling….

>…as a butcher. Really. I love to chop stuff up, especially meat. Isn’t that sick? I love going to Costco and getting the huge pork chops, way thicker than I like them, and cutting them into thinner chops and trimming off the fat, etc. I know, I know…sick.

Well, I had this recipe for Jerk Chicken from Paula Deen that I tried a while back, but I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts and of course it didn’t look as yummy as Paula’s, which was a whole chicken with the skin on, which got all crispy and delicious. So today during my Wally World trip, I got a WHOLE chicken. The whole time thinking, “Now what the heck am I going to do with this thing.”

One of those milestones in every young cook’s life, I guess – so I came home, got that sucker out on the cutting board and being in this great era of technology that we are, promptly pulled up a “how to cut up a whole chicken” video, courtesy of Pampered Chef on YouTube. Ha. So knife in hand, naked slimy chicken in front of me, and ready to cut something, I went to work. It was AWESOME. Cracked a few bones (the chicken’s, not mine) and ended up with so much chicken, for half the price of if I’d bought it already cut up…and I would have missed out on all of that fun if the store had done it for me.

Here she is…not her best angle, probably.
Ok, so maybe it wouldn’t get Paula’s seal of approval, but for the first try, pretty dang good.

Look at that perfect little drumstick.

Thanks, YouTube and this guy with the really sharp knife who shares the same affection for chopping meat as I do.

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