>Another Weekend of Forgetting We're Grown-Ups

>Oh goodness – this weekend was yet another fabulous time out at Sarah and Logan’s in Franklin (Hotel Hughes as we affectionately call it.) It was Logan’s birthday, so he and Brad started smoking brisket and such at 6 a.m., bless their hearts. It was well worth it!! Especially for those of us who just showed up to eat it and party. 🙂

Also on the menu from our esteemed grillin’ and smokin’ masters – cream cheese stuffed jalepeno peppers, wrapped in bacon (WOW), some kind of steak, rolled around cream cheese with onions and then ALSO wrapped in bacon, and brisket soft tacos with Brad’s homemade BBQ sauce (I think these were my favorite).

I always have such a good time with this bunch and love my Franklin friends so much. I enjoy a lot of “when are you moving South?” whenever I visit them too…and it’s a little more tempting every time I’m there!

Brad and Logan checking on their masterpiece – the brisket.

Me and my Wen.
Wen, cuddling with Dixie Dog.
This is how we hang.
We love live music at Hotel Hughes.

The dynamic denim duo…
And a good night ends something like this, at Hotel Hughes.


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