>America's Best Restroom

>That’s right. You read right….that’s where I’ve been. Well, not all week, but for like five minutes, earlier this week. In the men’s room, to be specific.

I had a press conference that I planned on Wednesday at the State Capitol, then a lunch afterwards with some “influentials” and the State Treasurer at the Capitol Grille, which is inside the Hermitage Hotel, downtown. Now, I’ve lived in Nashville over 4 years and still have never vetured inside the Hermitage Hotel. Something about four doormen greeting you has always intimidated me when I walked by and considered going in…I always thought they’d take one look at me and know I wasn’t really staying there! Ha. But apparently people pop in around the clock to check out the lobby…it seriously will blow your mind. Did you know it’s the only 5-star hotel in Tennessee? Yep – not even the Peabody is a 5-star. More proof that Nashville rocks.

Apparently when you’re at the Hermitage Hotel there’s one place inside that you just have to visit….the men’s restroom. I heard this from like 5 people (3 of them women) when I was telling folks where I’d be lunching on Wednesday….so I knew it must be a big deal. SO sure enough, the men’s restroom down by the restaurant has a little plaque next to it that says how it’s been featured in music videos and all kinds of stuff. It was actually voted America’s Best Restroom in 2008. WOW.

So my friend Jennifer and I (and two of our clients!) had our co-worker Chip go in and give us the all-clear, then the four of us girls ventured in to check it out. It really does strike you as the set of a music video. Crazy cool!

So if you’re in Nashville, living or visiting, stop by and check it out sometime. The staff apparently thinks nothing of women coming and going from the men’s restroom.

Here she is….yep, those are green toilets.
Need your shoes shined, anyone?

Wiggins may kill me for this one, but it’s hilarious and I’m just jealous I didn’t take one in the same pose…

And here’s a little bonus for you…at the press conference in the Capitol – that’s Hootie, the Wise Old Owl! Hootie’s got a hot body if you ask me….

One thought on “>America's Best Restroom

  1. I have a question- I tried to make the ingtrsaam/blurb book that you had the special on over the weekend, but kept coming up with 2 errors, 1. it wanted the book to be 59 pages, and I couldn’t figure out how to decrease the number- so for a November book, would they be two page spreads, or is there a way? 2. I couldn’t get it to stop ‘slurping’ and let me choose the photos I wanted from the get-go, so I had to keep deleting the photos they added to place my choices on the pages…..am I doing something wrong?

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