>On Thursday, I left after work and went to see this band that I just LOVE, NeedtoBreathe, play in Chattanooga. This band just rocks my face – they’re a Christian rock band, and the lead singer sounds shockingly similar to the lead singer of Kings of Leon. So if you’re into the Kings, you’ll love this band. And if Christian rock isn’t your thing (it’s usually not my favorite either – and not becuase I don’t love Jesus, because I love Jesus), don’t worry…it’s not over the top and in your face. It’s subtle…the lyrics make you think, but you could just as easily miss it if you weren’t in-tune.

And it helps that these guys are total hotties. I mean, total. I just love them and they’re always so sweet to take pictures with their fans…matter of fact, I snagged Seth, my favorite band member, PRE-show, out by the bus. Ha – I know you’re not surprised.

Here’s me and Seth. He’s just precious, and the bassist.
What? yes, they serve beer at these shows.
Rocking out.
And his brother, Bo. Seriously, how can you not love these Southern boys?
Brothers – end of the show. I love this picture.
Feeling inspired after the show and some great vocals, and for the sheer fact that if there is a karaoke bar in a town, I WILL sniff it out – I ended up here at Raw (sushi bar by day?) singing duets with this guy all night. It was HILARIOUS. There were no more than six people in this place, so we pretty much had the freedom to sing the whole book if we wanted…

This was Summer Nights, from Grease.
My favorite picture – how funny is this? We were pretty serious for our audience of four people.
I even managed to sneak in a little trip to the aquarium – which, by the way, is more awesome every time I visit. Here are some trout – this one’s for you, Dad!
This sign provided a photo-op, and you know I don’t pass on those.
Turtles are my favorite.
Is he waving or smiling?

This guy was so colorful and fun.

Me and the Rog – my traveling buddy.


One thought on “>Mini-Getaway

  1. >ps – i know the keyboard player of Needtobreathe! he and i went to neighboring high schools and lots of church events together! 🙂 they're pretty awesome!

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