>It's Like Christmas…


…you anticipate it for most of the year…the night before it arrives, you can hardly sleep from childlike anticipation…and then just as soon as it gets here in all its glory, it seems gone again and you’re quickly counting down the days until it returns again….COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON.

That’s right – today marks the start of the college football season. I’ll be watching (South Carolina and NC State, I think? It doesn’t matter, it’s college football…) some boys (I can say that because most of them are now 4-8 years younger than me – ah!) hit each other real hard, throw the ball real far, and run as fast as they can, while playing America’s greatest sport ever, tonight. I’m so excited it’s finally here. And need I even mention how I’m about to pee my pants with anticipation of the Vols and the Lane Train’s opener on Saturday? oh man….

Here are some of my favorite UT Football pics to get us in the spirit.

Wendy and I visiting the Torchbearer.
The T – the part where I get chills and startle everyone within three rows of me by squealing at the top of my lungs.

Linville ladies at the tailgate.

The greatest brother and UT fan.

This is very normal at a UT tailgate.

So is this horsepowered blender.

Me and the sis-in-law.

Merry Football Season, everyone.

2 thoughts on “>It's Like Christmas…

  1. >Oh, I share the joy and anticipation…I LOVE IT! I was just as excited about the SC game last night too and the fact that there will be football, particularly SEC football, from now until the end of the year makes me ever so happy! šŸ™‚

  2. >YAY!!! I think it's hilarious we all get MORE excited about football than Christmas– boys don't know what they get with southern girls and SEC right?? If you're in Knox this weekend, I hope I bump into you woman!! =)GOOOOOO VOLS

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