>My Favorite Niece and Nephew

>Well, they aren’t really my niece and nephew, but Kelly (Linville) Thorne has always been like a big sister to me, ever since the day I was born, so I do feel like her and Heath’s kids are my sweet niece and nephew!

I went out to Lebanon on Wednesday night to visit the sweet babies. (and to eat a yummy dinner – thanks Kelly!)

Cade is at the cutest, most perfect little age. I told Mom when I left “I don’t want him to get any bigger!!” Ha. Cade also won my heart as soon as he started talking, because he’s always called me “JennWade.” One word, always has known me as a Wade, and he never just says Jenn…always JennWade and it just rocks my face off. It’s hilarious. As soon as I walked in the door it was “JennWade! Come look at my dune buggy – come look at my dump truck – come look at my tractor!” So it was “Hi Kelly – bye Kelly…” and off to the playroom 🙂

And Emmy is just precious – with those baby blues. She’s really growing into her own little person and not looking as much like Cade as I thought she did when she was first born.

I just love my Thorne babies.

Me and Cade…he’s happy, I promise.
We turned on Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred…the boys likes to exercise.

Emmy – “just hanging out” as Cade says.



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