>Cheeseburger (and Coronas, please) in Paradise

>I just got back from 5 wonderful days in Destin, FL – and I’m hating every minute of being back!! Ugh – it was such a wonderful time. Wonderful place, wonderful company, and just beautiful weather. Destin is more fun and more relaxing every time I go…which I think means I’m getting older, because I kept saying “there’s nobody here this time of year! It’s GREAT!” Ha.

I want to go back. If I disappear, you’ll know I’m on a yacht in the Gulf, because it was really, really tempting to just stay. (of course, this yacht will be stolen, because I don’t plan on working if I live there.)

I had to work a few minutes on Thursday…luckily this was the view.
Daquiri at Fat Tuesday’s.
Camera lens was a liiiitle foggy šŸ™‚

Sunset at the Harbor.

The Wiggins and I at the Lucky Snapper.

I sail in cowboy boots.

I was a lifeguard. Don’t you feel safe?

The bestests.


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