>Older…and Wiser?

>I just met with my State Farm agent to review my homeowner’s policy, my car insurance policy, and talk about…gulp….life insurance. Now, I’m 26 years old and don’t often think about kicking the bucket, but I guess that’s the beauty about this life….it aint really my decision!

So after this meeting, I’m sufficiently equipped to do lots of things – including:

  • run over someone with my Eclipse and be sure their medical bills are paid for
  • total someone else’s car and be sure they get a new shiny one
  • drive my car through the front window of a local business and be sure they get the front of their building replaced
  • have the Avon lady fall down my front steps at the house, break her leg and just smile at her and say “don’t worry honey – I’ll pay for your cast…ding dong”
  • have an uninsured driver collide with my car, and just smile and say “I know Obama is making it tough on all of us these days, but that’s no excuse to not fork out the money for car insurance, you tool…fortunately, I’m still covered and won’t beat you to a pulp, here and now.”
  • wreck my car and be given a daily allowance to impress my friends with something as cool as a PT Cruiser, I’m sure, to drive around until mine is fixed.

Wow, being a grown up is both awesome, and sucks all at once. For example, I mean, I wouldn’t go back to high school, matter of fact, you couldn’t PAY me enough to go back to high school. And honestly, college was a blast, but I wouldn’t do that over either. There’s a reason I got out in 4 years instead of lingering around on the 5 year plan….because no matter how fun it is to have the bartenders at Cool Beans know your name and your choice of poison, I kind of like the fact that I’ve spread my circle of influence to other reputable business folks and industries…aside from those that stay open till last call.

Anyways – all of this grown up stuff I’ve been doing today has me pontificating, so let’s compare, just for fun.

Click the below to make it bigger, and readable.



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