>Boo Hoo – and Grace in Small Things Part 3 of 365

>Lately I have to keep reminding myself that “it could be worse.” It just kind of seems it’s been one thing after another, and as soon as I start thinking I have the worst life ever, God politely and quietly, but very obviously, reminds me that it could be worse.

I went in to have my left eye enhanced, via PRK (like Lasik) last week. This will be the THIRD, yes third, PRK surgery I’ve had this year. One surgery for both eyes, and now each has been enhanced because it didn’t quite correct all the way like it should the first time. But as I sit here right now, VERY blurry in my left eye I think how much better it is from where I started in January. I mean, I can read signs across the street right now, out my window, even though I’m still really healing – and in January of this year before the first surgery, I couldn’t have seen my feet at the end of my bed without contacts or glasses. BLESSED.

I feel like such a fatty and have been a total slacker when it comes to my running regimen. I was at home in Kingston recovering from my eye surgery this weekend and for some reason decided it was a great idea to eat every chocolate chip cookie in the freezer leftover from Josh’s rehearsal dinner. I mean, I don’t even really like sweets, but you would have thought they were going out of style or that I was about to hibernate for winter, the way I was eating those dang cookies. Ugh. So then I come back to Nashville and catch up on the DVR – and the first show I watch is “Biggest Loser,” or as my boss accidentally once called it, and now I purposely call it, “Big Ol’ Fatties.” So I’m sitting there feeling terrible about myself and what a slacker I am, and these people are running a mile and saying it’s their biggest physical accomplishment ever…and I thought “sheesh – if those folks can do it, you can. GO RUN, fatty.” So I started the routine yesterday, running and imagining Jillian Michaels cussing in my face the whole time. BLESSED – blessed that I have the ability to run and that my goal is losing 5 pounds, not 205 pounds.

Yesterday I was driving to work – traffic was bad on the interstate, so I got off to take my back-roads route. I’m sitting at the intersection where the Purity Dairy plant happens to be in Nashville, and there is a white truck in front of me. Several cars are in front of him at the light. All of the sudden, this guy in the truck decides he’ll be the good samaritan and let a Purity Dairy semi-truck out of the parking lot. (he was blocking the entrance.) So he puts it in reverse and I think “no, no…he’s not really going to back….CRAP nuggets…” right into my car. I was laying on the horn about the time of impact. I threw it in park and hopped out like a mad little leprachaun on steroids…I swear, I think I scared him. I can’t repeat here, the words that I’m pretty sure flew out of my mouth. And the poor guy turned out to be just as nice as could be. So after I call the cops, inspect the moderate damage, I wandered over to where he was leaning on his truck and he said “I’m so sorry, again.” And I said, looking down at my shoes, can’t even look him in the eye, “I’m sorry I yelled and cussed at you.” He said, “Jennifer, right? You know, that’s why they call these things accidents – I’m just glad nobody was hurt.” Oh my gosh, I felt like such a tool – a mean, cussing tool. Blessed – blessed that only my “Tennessee Girl” license plate and bumper are smashed, and not my face or some other vital body part.

And now, now I have a cold. A really, awful, terrible cold. But you know what, at least it aint the damned swine flu. At least not yet.

So I think this calls for another installment of finding some Grace in Small Things – here we go.

Grace in Small Things – Part 3 of 365
1.) It’s officially Fall, ya’ll – that means football, especially VOLS football is back.
2.) Getting to spend a whole weekend with my family AND Callie Cat! And she snuggled and snuggled with me at night. I miss her like mad.
3.) A trip on the books to look forward to, to Knoxville! To see my bestests, Josh and Ashley and their cute apartment!
4.) Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. This is the only time of year I really give into the evil coffee empire. “yes, here is $5 for a tiny cup of coffee. I’m fine with that – because it tastes like fall in a cup.”
5.) Good TV – it’s finally back. The time of year when I could sit in front of the TV every night from now till Christmas. Hmmm..this could be directly related to that 5 pounds I was talking about earlier. Nonetheless, can’t wait for Grey’s Anatomy tonight!!!

So yes, in conclusion – it could always be worse.

I saw on someone’s Facebook Status, or somewhere, this week (I think from my good friend Doss, who’s strength should be an inspiration to every one of us, by the way), that you should always be kinder than necessary to people, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle. It’s so true – and I’m going to try to adopt that philosophy a bit more (see fender bender example above.) 😉

Love ya, blog readers.



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