>Karaoke and Mechanical Bulls…

>….equals just another normal night out for Jenn and Steph.

So, what’s better than a really good coworker or a really good friend? A really good coworker who IS a really good friend. 🙂 Ha. Stephanie and I were going to go to a concert on Friday, but tickets were sold out….blah. But we had our “going-0ut pants on” (figuratively and literally), so we made a night out of it….FOR serious. Like, at 4 a.m., I finally crawled into my cozy bed, made a night out of it.

I had a text as soon as I rolled over the next morning (actually the same morning) from Steph that said “we sang karaoke at two places and rode a mechanical bull at another, all in one night…I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in some countries.”

Here are some of the favorites.

Here we are getting started at Cadillac Ranch…just waiting on our turn to karaoke next door.
Steph’s signature dance move? 🙂
My signature dance move. Now this is actually true…those of you who went to college with me can vouch 🙂

About to ride the mechanical bull.

Look at that hand…always the diva. Even on the bull.

I knew the guy running the bull riding booth, and his wife controlled the bull. I said “dang, how’d you get her? She’s way prettier than you.” Loud enough to where she could hear me, of course, so she was very nice and let me stay on 30 whole seconds before she tossed me.

Done and done.

Steph – ready to go.

The lady was not so nice to her.

And there she goes.

This guy was in a band…and this is how I felt about his antics.

This guy however, I wanted to put in my pocket and carry him around with me. He sang quite the amazing solo and then came off stage and I said “oh my gosh, you were so good.” he said “girl, you are just precious….girls or boys?” I said “excuse me?” he said “girls or boys?” I said “boys.” he said “(long pause…) ME TOO!” Ha. NOOOOOO, really? Don’t look too hard, because I’m pretty sure his jeans are a size or two smaller than mine..and women’s at that.

We capped off the night with a minor celebrity spotting. I say minor only because I see this guy everywhere. Big Vinny from Tailor Choir. Their latest hit is “Rockin’ the Beer Gut,” in which he talks about how girls with beer guts are sexy. So of course when he spotted me I stuck my stomach out as far as I could (it’s really kind of impressive, in this reference at least), rubbed it and yelled that I rocked the beer gut. Nice. He was impressed though, and that was the point.

Till next time, Nashville.
P.S. I’m so sore today from that dang bull that I had to roll out of bed and can’t lift my arm above my head. Sucks to get old.



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