>The Mothership

>This weekend, actually tomorrow afternoon, I’m taking off Eastbound on I-40 back to home sweet home – beautiful East Tennessee. I need a glimpse of the mountains, I need fresh air outside this city, I need some fall foliage along the way, I need my family, I need my college friends, I need football, I need my Callie Cat and I need to escape. This weekend should provide all of those things, and I can’t wait to get there.

I’m invading Josh and Ashley’s apartment with three other of my favorite people in the world for the weekend, and I can’t wait to lay on air mattresses in their living room floor and giggle all night like when we were in college. Seriously – I need this.

I need this place…

…and this guy – acting like this, specifically….

…and I need some reuniting with these two girls…

..and I need this to happen, over and over until everyone in red in Neyland Stadium is crying…but I won’t hold my breath…

…and I’ll need this to make me feel better after the game (thanks Crystal, for this tease – Mmmm, Gus’s Good Times Deli…

…and lastly, I need these people. Yes, I said people – they’re all people..even the one with fur.

So yep, that’s what I need. Home sweet home, here I come.

One thought on “>The Mothership

  1. >going to be ONE FUN weekend ms. wade!! i'll be in town this weekend too– zac brown band concert tomorrow and ready to tear up neyland with a WIN on saturday!! we'll be watching the FL/LSU game somewhere that night and then out–hope i see you!! travel safely =)

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