>Just the Girls at the Rock Show


Steph and I took on the town again last night – we went to see the Matt Kearney show at the Cannery Ballroom. But even more than him, we wanted to see Diana Birch who opened up for him. I saw this girl’s video on VH1 a few months ago and was totally stopped in my tracks. She’s such a throwback – sounds and looks right out of the 70’s. And man that girl can play the keyboard. Check her out here.

So, after that show-stopper, to be quite honest, Matt didn’t really rock our faces off. It was alright…or maybe it was that we couldn’t quit thinking about late night grub that had us distracted. So we listened to a little over half the set and then took off to Athens, which is apparently a greek restaurant AND late night breakfast stop. Who knew!? I hate to say it, because you know I love my Waffle House, but this place could give it a run for their money. It’s kind of a cross between Waffle House and IHOP.
So, there may not have been mechanical bulls or karaoke this time, but there were a few things, including the following:
Steph recognizing about everyone she knew in Nashville, all at this show. Most of them said “hey! You still poking eyeballs?” And I’d go “nope! I stole her!” Ha – that’s how we met…you know I’ve had my fair (or not so much) share of eye doc appointments over the past year. Well, Steph worked at my eye doc and we decided that we both looked like pretty cool people and we should team us as a cool duo. Then she came to work for us instead of the eyeball pokers! So glad we found her.

Let’s see – continuing the list….
Some guy said to me, “I like your accent, are you from Brooklyn?” Smart ass.
We let some gentlemen folk cut in front of us in line because they are men and accidentally got in the ticket line instead of will-call…men. Well, they said “let us know next time you go to the bar – we’ll thank you with a drink.” I don’t think they really meant it, because they kind of wandered off and stood elsewhere after that…but when a free drink is on the line, you know I hunted those dudes down. Cha ching.
Whilst Steph and I were enjoying our yummy eggs, potatoes and sausage and talking 90 miles a minute, we hear some guy go “HELLOOO – pretty girls who are ignoring us!?” Apparently the tools had been trying to get our attention for a while. But then we bonded when one goes “do ya’ll know Diane Birch?” We said “Yep, we were just at the show.” He said “WE WERE TOO! Do you know who that tool was who played after her?” Ha – they were obviously there for the opener as well.
Anyways – all in all another wonderful night playing in this great city with great friends!

Whit, Me and Steph.


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