>Just like a Fine Wine….


Today I played a tourist in my own town (reason 1,232,543 I love Nashville) and went to Arrington Vineyards. This is Kix Brooks’s (of Brooks and Dunn) winery in Arrington, TN, which is just a mere 15-20 minutes outside the city. I’ve heard great things about this place and it definitely lived up to it! It was 65 degrees and beautiful today, and the green of the grapevines mixed with the fall colors on the horizon made for the prettiest background to a Sunday afternoon picnic.

When we arrived, we lucked out and beat the rush, so we walked right in the tasting barn (I think they call it a barn..anyways…) and took advantage of a complimentary tasting of our choice of four AV wines. We purchased a bottle of our favorite, the Syrah, and took it outside to enjoy the view, the weather and our picnic.

I highly recommend those of you in Nashville go for a visit, and if you don’t live in Nashville, come visit me and I’ll gladly go again with you! 🙂

The view from the picnic table.

The spread I packed for us.

Drinking a bottle of wine before 2 p.m. makes you do strange things…

The vines.

They have some seriously great spots to relax…you could make a whole day of it.

Ok, I know I take a lot of pictures. Some have even gone as far as to deem me the “paparazzi.” However, I will NEVER, ever treat someone like this poor girl treated her man. She must have made him take 100 pictures in a row, I’m not lying. And she would make them both close their eyes until right before she said “3!” and took the picture. Maybe so they wouldn’t be squinty-eyed? And then she’d toss her hair and smooth his down before every picture. Bless his heart…

Playing in the grapes…or where the grapes would be in season.

Always a photo op.

This was a staged photo op…because I was just sure Kix would come right out and kill us both if Rog really peed on his grape vines.

And how better to top off the maybe last, most beautiful day of fall? Punkin’ pickin’.

The winner. I will scrape your guts out later, little punkin.

Happy Fall, Ya’ll.



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