>My Little Spawn of Satan


My Callie Cat is quite the character…that’s a nice way of putting it. She’s a wild animal, literally. Offspring of a tom cat and a stray = Callie Cat.
One time I was like “Josh – I think she doesn’t like you because she smells your dog on you.” Because she hisses and swats at him. And he said, without missing a beat “No, she doesn’t like me because she can sense I’m a Christian and has been sent here by her leader to destroy me.” Ha.

But she’s my baby – my fat little baby and I wouldn’t trade her for anything!! She’s been staying with her grandparents, she’s their grandkitty, since June while I’m trying to sell the house. But since they are on vacation this week, I got her back!! It’s been great, and we’re right back into our old routines and I missed having her around more than I realized!!

Enjoy a Halloween preview courtesy of Callie Cat.

This face pretty much describes how she feels about me right now…
So embarrassed.

Appropriate costume.

Trying to tear it to shreds.



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