My blogging skills are seriously slacking! Sorry about that, faithful readers.

Let’s see….

This year for Halloween I decided to forgo the usual opportunity to dress up like a harlet and get away with it, and instead zipped off to the mountains and one of my most favorite places, Asheville, NC. I love Asheville and miss those mountains in East TN and Western NC! And I caught the tail-end of the beautiful fall foliage.

You probably heard, the interstate at the TN/NC line is closed due to that huge rock slide (for the next three months!) so we took the scenic route through Hot Springs. Worth every extra minute (which wasn’t that many!) I’d almost rather take it even if the interstate is open, from now on.

Here’s the view from the overlook in Hot Springs, NC. Wow.

Me and the NC native.

At the Grove Park Inn for a sunset (which was non-existent – thanks rain) and a cocktail. This was post cocktail you can probably tell. I said “open your eyes!” and this is what I got.

Still a pretty amazing view from the Grove Park.

So I drove back from Asheville on Sunday, unpacked and repacked, and took off for D.C. Monday – Wednesday. Whoo! Was there for work, but got to do a little playing too. Always fun to visit our nation’s capitol and see where all the magic happens.

I even got to see my Lesley, who I haven’t seen in two years!! She works in this fun city, and I told her I don’t know how she does it – it’s overwhelming to little ol’ me!

Dinner at Legal Sea Foods.

Sunset at the Washington Monument.

Huge tourist dork.

I ran into the Obamas at the airport. Michelle got so excited she just started clapping. Funny how often that happens to me.
Barack said “do your best professional but gangsta pose.” Here we are.

The celebrity sightings kept on coming. Ok, it’s possible I was sleep deprived and someone should have taken my camera away.

Here’s to things slowing down in 2010 – but with no less adventures!! 🙂

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