>The Only Reason to Run is if You're Being Chased..or so I Thought…

>Breathe in your nose, out your mouth….

Have soft feet — you should just barely hear them when you run….

Put a penny in your pocket – your arms are all over the place…

Don’t roll down the hill – control your pace…

All of these are little running tid-bits my Dad taught me when I started competitively running in middle school. He was an avid runner, and being a Daddy’s girl, I decided I should be too. Only difference, he ran for miles. I ran miles too – but sprinting them and no more than 800 meters at a time. I had the need for speed and that was definitely my niche on the track. 🙂 Distance running? – ick, don’t say such dirty words.

Matter of fact, the only time I was forced to do distance was during high school track practice during our warm-up – we’d have to clock a couple miles around the track. I hated distance so much that I perfected a way to “appear” as if I was running. Yes – I would run the side and first turn of the track that was closest to my coach, then when I was on the opposite side of the track, I would slow to a walk, but bounce, light on my feet and move my arms as if I was running. Genius.

But since college and since nobody likes to see extra lbs on the scale, I’ve expanded my horizons and now run several miles at a time. 3 years ago on the way to work I saw a sign for the Country Music Marathon/Half-Marathon. This is one of the most popular in the country, and I decided I’d take advantage of living here and do the Half. Well, the weather got cold and I got lazy. So instead of running it that year, I added it to my “things to do before I’m 30” list – and I got news for you, that ‘aint getting any further away.

So yesterday I stumble across a link to a Country Music Half Marathon Training Schedule. Butterflies filled my stomach and I instantly thought I’d throw up. (I used to do this before every track meet, too….) I thought “Oh well…I’m sure I’m already behind schedule, considering I need to actually get back in shape before I can really start training.” Well, how convenient – this schedule is for beginners and starts next week. I found it right on time.

So now I’m really entering new territory – really really. And I’m posting about it here, because on April 24 of next year, if you don’t see pictures of me at the Country Music Half Marathon posted on this blog, I expect you to totally haze me and make me feel like a lazy fatty. (and pictures of me just downtown at the afterparty down count…because you’d probably see those regardless of if I’d run or not.)

And best part – when I told my Dad I was considering doing this, he said “you go girl – if you do it, I’ll come and jump up and down like a girl at the finish line.” So we’ll also hold HIM to THAT…and nothing would make me prouder, really – to make him, the one who taught me most everything I know about running, proud of me.

So here’s to pushing myself, being rewarded and accomplishing things for myself and by myself in 2010.

Woo hoo! 😉



2 thoughts on “>The Only Reason to Run is if You're Being Chased..or so I Thought…

  1. >I remember way back when running with you and Daddy Jeff in Eblen Estates one time and his advice on controlling the pace. To this day, i just about always think of his words on my way downs 🙂

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