>The Right Fit for my Feet

>So I’ve been getting back in shape so I can really get down to training for this half marathon, right? Well, refer to a December 20 post where I bought some new running shoes. I’ve logged about 20 miles in them, and a couple of times I’ve had TERRIBLE shin-splints, and I’ve never had shin-splints in all my running days.

So I finally broke down and decided if I’m going to get serious about this running thing, I need to get a GOOD (and probably more expensive, ugh) pair of running shoes. So I headed over to Fleet Feet in Brentwood today.

An HOUR later, I left completely outfitted with a new pair of Brooks Ravennas to really get down to running business! I can’t say enough about my experience at this store today – it was great! The guy who helped me, Drew, (precious) measured my foot, put me in a pair of “test shoes,” then we went outside and he watched me run to see if I pronate or supinate (roll my foot inward or outward as I run). Then he picked a few shoes based on my running technique, and we tried them on and did some more running outside. THEN, we worked on arch support inserts, and ran in a couple of those. Ok, seriously, this is serious shoe shopping!

Some highlights – Drew asked me if I got my current shoes on sale at TJ Maxx (ouch – low blow. He’s not a Maxx-inista, clearly.) I corrected him and told him I got them at Kohl’s. He was less impressed than when he thougth I got them at TJ Maxx.

He told me I couldn’t be running in those cotton socks – “there’s a reason you probably bought those in a 4-pack for a dollar,” he said. Ha – true dat. And he spotted a little blood stain in the heel of my sock!! How pitiful…I had no idea! So he outfitted me with some synthetic, cushiony running socks.

AND, he talked me into signing up for their group half-marathon training program, which officially starts on Saturday! I’m stoked – it’ll be so good for me to run with a group who can push me on those weekend long runs! (350 signed up already, to be exact.) I know this about myself…I mean, this is the girl who runs on busy streets around my office rather than the Greenway, because I think “don’t walk – don’t slow down – someone you know might drive by and see you being a fat slacker!!” Ha – so a little motivation of a group of folks will be helpful for me. They map out the course for you, with water stations, pacers and cheerleaders along the way. And, I already know two wonderful ladies who will be there! (http://thewoodfolks.blogspot.com/ and http://jessdoss.blogspot.com/). If anyone else wants to sign up, you can do it online at http://www.fleetfeetnashville.com/! Remember, it starts in a week!

Drew’s words of wisdom – if this is your first half marathon, the goal is to finish. Just finish. Some people will walk the whole thing…and of the 30,000 or so people who do the half, 6,000 will walk the whole thing. SO, if you run one step, you’ll beat about 6,000 people. HA – now of course, I’ll run more than one step, but he made me feel so much better about the race. I’m a sprinter – distance running is a new adventure for me, so while 13.1 may not seem like a long way to some folks, it seems like an eternity to me some days! So I am going to try to quit stressing, work super hard from now till April 24 and just do the very best I can.

Keep your fingers crossed that these shoes help me feel better and run farther – am just hoping for no set backs other than me whining 🙂

The new kicks….



2 thoughts on “>The Right Fit for my Feet

  1. >you know you've got my support and i am proud of the both of us for embarking on such a HUGE goal… yay us!! good luck with the group training jenn- you're going to do great

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