>I Can't Feel My Face

>The temp on my little computer gadget tells me it’s currently 18 degrees outside my window in Nashville…and it’s high noon. Cheese and Rice.

The timing of this intense cold snap is just fabulous *sarcasm* considering I’m right at that “I am so pumped to train for the half marathon (step outside) – ugh, it’s cold and this sucks – I hate my life” state of mind.

I needed to run 4 miles this past Sunday, because I know I have to run 4 miles with my new training group on Saturday, and needed to know I wouldn’t embarrass myself (too badly.) I decided to forgo checking the temp and just get out and do it. And I did it beautifully, I might add. The new shoes kick serious tail, and the shin splints were so minor I forgot all about them until I stopped running…then a little stretching did the trick. I checked the temp on the way home – and ran 4 miles in 25 degrees. Pretty good…although my face is still chapped from the wind and I anticipate it’ll only get worse considering it may very well be snowing during our group run this Saturday. Awesome!

I got the full training schedule from my friends at Fleet Feet for the program I signed up for, and can’t believe in just a few months I’ll be prepared to run 13.1 miles. Craziness. A day at a time, for now…

Until then, please still love me if my face looks like I’ve been snow skiing against 90 mile an hour winds in the blazing sunshine.


3 thoughts on “>I Can't Feel My Face

  1. >you poor thing! at least you're trying to run outside–me, i am sticking to the Y right now because i can't stand the cold!! good luck this week sweetie OXOX

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