>We Are Tennessee


There’s not a thing more that can be said about this sad day in the Volunteer State that hasn’t already been said, but my favorite Vol Fan, Clay Travis says it best here: http://ncaafootball.fanhouse.com/2010/01/12/volunteer-sources-say-kiffin-never-embraced-tennessee/#cntnt

I had no idea it was like this – that Lane was doing that to our Vols. It makes me feel dirty, like I need a nice long shower to wash this off of me, for ever supporting him and getting behind his leadership, after reading Clay’s article. But you know, that’s what we do in Tennessee. If you’re man enough to step up to the plate and lead our team, then you have our full support. No matter how little we know about you, we’ll embrace you like one of our own.

So that’s why all of this is so disappointing – because we believed you, Mr. Kiffin. We believed you were the fire we needed lit underneath us and we believed you when you said you wanted to lead our Vols. You never told US that you wanted to make UT the “USC of the South,” because to that we wouldn’t have agreed – because we’re UT. We ARE, Tennessee.

You’ll be remembered, that’s for sure – but only for a few hostile days. Then you’ll be so easily forgotten it’ll make your head spin.

I may have shed a tear when I heard your news last night…I also shed several tears when I watched Coach Fulmer’s last press conference. But those tears were for very, very different reasons.

If there’s one comfort in this news, it’s that after reading the above article it’s quite clear you wanted UT to be a replica of your beloved USC. If you ever thought we’d transform to be just that, then you probably wouldn’t be leaving…which means you realized that we are the Vols…Tennessee…the Orange and White….and not even you, can change that.


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