>Trying Not to Run Into Traffic…

>So, I told you I’d evaluate and let you know how the new running toy, my Garmin Forerunner, was doing. I’ve run with it twice now, and it rocks my face.

I do have to make a conscious effort not to stare at it every step though and watch where I’m going – but I want to because it’s fascinating.

Just knowing exactly how far you’ve gone and what pace you’re running so you can control it, is unbelievable. Again, the route Fleet Feet planned for us was slightly shorter than 6 miles (our long run for the week), but thanks to the trusty Garmin, Mauri, Doss and I knew to keep on running a little extra. We did 6.2. I’m sorry – I have to say that again. WE RAN 6.2 MILES.

Some of you are giggling – scoffing – looking for the punch-line. Well shut your face – let me revel in the fact that that is at least 2 miles more than I’d ever consistently run prior to starting to train, just over a month ago. CRAZY.

It’s just crazy to push yourself and realize that you are NOT in fact going to die if you run over 2 miles.

When we were done, and I was standing in the parking lot at Fleet Feet, ringing the sweat out of my tiny ponytail (awesome), with steam literally coming off my shoulders, Doss said “So next week is 7 miles – yeah – I could run 10 more minutes.” It’s so easy when you think of it that way, right? I just can’t believe that it’s still January (yesterday was 3 months from race day) and we’re already running HALF of what we will do on race day. If we aren’t ready for this, then I’m not sure what could prepare us.

Here’s to three more months of enjoyable, injury-free running!



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