>I Don't Share My Tater Tots

>IF and when I should ever decide to enter the institution of marriage again, it will be in a very classy and much to-do fashion such as the following article describes.

Maybe they’ll be offering this again on Valentine’s Weekend 2025 and I can consider partaking then.


The Nashville Tennessean writes:

Free tater tots if you get married at Paradise Park
February 9, 2010

Paradise Park Trailer Resort is offering wedding ceremonies from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 13 at 411 Broadway.

Weddings will be officiated on the stage at Paradise Park and included in the package are a free sweet tea and an order of tater tots for you and your sweetie to share.

Couples can also choose one of two specially designed backdrops, either a beach scene or Las Vegas, in which to immortalize your newlywed bliss in your distinctive wedding photo.

Max Goldberg, co-owner and operator of Paradise Park obtained an online license to officiate the ceremonies. He will be officiating this year’s nuptials and will be accompanied by a minister with more than 30 years of wedding experience.

Those who choose to get married can do it just for fun or can have a legally binding marriage if they so choose.

For more information, visit http://www.paradiseparkonline.com/.


I have spent my fair share of time at Paradise Park (the bar downtown made to look like a trailer park) but I have to admit – using it as the backdrop for wedding nuptials never crossed my mind. Innovative and genius, really.


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