>Training Update

>I figure I’m due for a training update so you don’t think I’ve given up on this whole running thing. Far from it, actually.

I’m still loving running, and am amazed at what my body can do if I push it! I remember thinking when I first started this training back in December (or first started getting in shape SO I could train), “your body is stronger than your mind, right now.” Because when I wanted to stop, when I started hurting at a measley two miles into the run, I’d stop. But now, my mind is really what’s gotten stronger and it’s so awesome. Someone told me when I first started doing this “it’s 90% mental. Next time you want to stop, just don’t. Just tell yourself you can’t.” I was like “Um. OK.” Ha. But it’s true! I’ve just pushed myself a little farther and harder each time and it gets easier and easier.

This week I was doing my long-run with the Fleet Feet training crew, and we ran along part of the actual race course, which was great experience. Although, I run that route all the time, around Music Row and my office, but it was still good to think “this is where I’ll be running in just a couple months, during the race!” While we were running, there were SO many other runners out. We’d pass people and they’d encourage us and we’d give them the thumbs up back – it was so cheesy, but awesome. About two miles in I passed three guys running down Belmont Blvd., and one of them had an artificial leg. It was right during a pretty long, up-hill part of the route where I was seriously sucking wind and considering a break – and here comes a guy running much faster than me, with an artificial leg. Needless to say, I kept going. Then, I kid you not, about 5.5 miles in, again running up-hill, he passed me again in the opposite direction. He had to have been running at least 8 miles as well. Awesome inspiration – and he was the one most enthusiastically encouraging the other runners as they passed him. Talk about being humbled.

I’ve been so blessed with injury free training thus far, and pray it stays that way. I’ve always had bothersome little knee injuries, and I can tell they get sore, but thankfully no more than anyone else’s, I think. Lots of ice packs and such after the long runs seem to help.

Also, I’ve started experimenting with different sports beans, Gu, and snacks to fuel my running. I used to kind of snark at the “serious runners” who were squeezing these little packs of “gu” into their mouths along the course, thinking “ok, really? That looks disgusting and can’t really do anything for you…” but it really does make a difference. My favorite so far, Honey Stinger pomegranate chews and Jelly Belly’s Extreme Sports Beans with caffeine (watermelon flavored – yum). Next week I’m going to try my first Gu – strawberry banana.

Anyways – that’s my rambling running update. Loving having the running bug and looking forward to the Music City Half in just two months and two days! 🙂



2 thoughts on “>Training Update

  1. >hey you!!! so proud of how well you're doing too— great for me to see since we all get overwhelmed at times!! speaking of Gu, they're great–say yes to strawberry banana and my fav jelly beans are the ORANGE- you must try!!!

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