>Move Over Lieutenant Dan…

>…nevermind, I’m not even going to finish that sentence as it sounded a little politically incorrect in my head. Refer to previous post title and follow my joke.

So that little, bothersome foot pain I mentioned in my previous post – well, it was more than a little bothersome. After my 10 miles last Wednesday, I could hardly walk on Thursday. I mean, it was awful.

I laid off running 5 in the mountains on Saturday because it was still pretty painful. I attempted 5 on Sunday night instead, and made it 2 and was nearly in tears. Terrible.

I visited my faithful Fleet Feet folks yesterday, and they were kind of at a loss because I have good shoes and good arch supports – both of which they would have suggested I get with this kind of injury…but I already had them. And then they uttered the words…gulp….hairline fracture. What if? Oh Lord, don’t take this running I’ve loved so much away from me.

They recommended I go visit a physical therapist in Brentwood. Big shout out to Pro Motion and Dr. Perry. He pretty much rocks.

So I visited the good doctor today and he decided a few things. I’m totally tight and tense on my right side, probably from this injury. I run incorrectly, hitting on the heels of my feet instead of the middle of my feet, therefore causing this injury. And finally, I had a bone out of line in my foot! So he popped that sucker back into place and put me on a treadmill to get me running correctly.

See here for a little demo (not of me, of a stick figure…sorry) http://www.newtonrunning.com/run-better/optimal-running-form

I’m going to try a short run this weekend, and hopefully I’ll be as good as new and back on track with training in no time!

Don’t ignore these running injuries, my fellow running friends – I thought I was just “sore” for a while, but it apparently needed a lot of fixing! 🙂



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