>Ah Mr. Daniels – You are Certainly a Gentleman

>Today I had a board meeting at Jack Daniels. I know – shame. But somebody’s gotta do it.

I have lived in Nashville for 5 years, with the Distillery where the world’s finest whiskey is made a mere 1.5 hours away, and have never been! So today after the work was finished, I took a little tour and since Lynchburg is dry, I didn’t get to taste the whiskey – but I got to sniff 140 proof fumes as it “mellowed.” Awesome.

If you’re in the area and haven’t taken this free tour – it’s an hour of good, cheap fun.

Here are some things I learned:

– Gentleman Jack is mellowed (sifted through charcoal or something – ok, so I didn’t memorize the WHOLE tour) twice and therefore smoother.

– The whiskey is as clear as water – it gets its color only from the barrel after sitting in it.

– You can buy your own barrel from Jack Daniels. That equals 240 bottles of Jack Daniels single barrel whiskey (the best of the best, per the taster at JD) for between $8,000 and $12,000. Each bottle has a gold medallion with your name on it. Remember this friends, for holiday gifts if you’re unsure of what to get me. You can just say “Jenn” on the medallion. Or JWade.

– The tour guides at Jack Daniels have pretty much the best job ever.

– The No. 7 on the bottle – nobody knows where it came from or why Mr. Daniels put it on the bottle. 7 bad barrels of whiskey in his first batch, some say? 7 barrels, 6 sucked but the 7th was on the money? 7 girlfriends? Ha.

Me in the lobby with the man himself.

Jack Daniels was really only 5’2″ and wore a size 4 shoe. They had to make this statue bigger and not “to scale” because it wouldn’t stand up otherwise.

The fresh spring that caused Mr. Daniels to build the Distillery here.

Really pretty land!

Oh delightful smells…


One thought on “>Ah Mr. Daniels – You are Certainly a Gentleman

  1. >What a fun trip!!! OK so this is even worse to admint Jenn- I've lived in Nashville my entire life and have never been there… that could be a fun day date for Jeffrey and I so thanks for the great tip!!

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