>One month…


…till D-day.

One month till I can officially put one of these cool stickers on my car – and I will. Trust me, I will. I might even roll down my windows at every red light and make sure the person next to me looks at it and claps for me.

All of you seasoned runners out there think I’m a moron, I’m sure – but this is like, kind of a big deal for me. 😉

I’m pleased to report (I was afraid to say anything until I was sure) that I’m settling into my new running style, FINALLY. Reference previous post about foot injury – I had to basically learn how to run again? Seriously? Running on your heels vs. running on your mid-foot/ball of your foot is a big difference.

Saturday during our “long-run” (it was a rest week, so it was only a six-miler) I seriously thought I was going to have to hitchhike back to my car about mile three. Not cool – but I pushed through and it felt ok once I stopped running. (again, not cool…because running is kind of the point here.) But I also kind of felt like a baby deer learning to walk, trying to get this stride down.

Yesterday thought, I ran six and felt GREAT. Well, my stride felt great. But as you can imagine, a whole different stride brings whole new pains. My calves previously weren’t doing much work, since my heel was taking the brunt of each step – and now, holy mess…my calves are like ripping apart. Ha!

But it feels good and I had zero foot pain yesterday. Knock on wood. I’m supposed to do 12 on Saturday (gulp) but Wendy and Brad are coming to town to accompany me and Rog to a concert on Friday…so that long-run may get pushed to Sunday 🙂 Hey – a girl’s gotta have a life, too!

One month – one month….


3 thoughts on “>One month…

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