>Road ID

>I’ve recently become obsessed with http://www.skinnyrunner.com/ and may have an innocent girl crush on her – like, I want to be her be her friend.

One thing she blogged about is wearing her Road ID when she runs. What the heck is a Road ID, you might ask? (just like I did.) It’s a wristband with your info. on it – in case you kill over (worst case) in the street while running.

There aren’t a ton of times when I’m running by myself lately, but then again, every now and then I am and I always think “should I take my phone in case something happens,” etc. Now, I can have a heart attack, heat stroke, blow out a knee, or what have you, in the street and the paramedics will know my name, who to call and what drug allergies I have just by glancing at my sweet pink wristband.

It really is a small investment if you’re a runner and tend to venture out by yourself a lot – plus, it’s not like I don’t already have enough gear when I run. Let’s see – garmin (like a small laptop on my arm), shoe tag (thanks Fleet Feet – for the dork tag you insist I wear so you can spot me), iPod, headphones and sometimes cell phone and/or camera. (You never know what you may need to document along the run.)

So yeah, why not add another piece of equipment – especially if it helps keep you safe. AND, you can get it in pink. SOLD.

I got an email from the company after ordering, giving me a coupon and asking me to help spread the word – so if you feel so inclined to give yourself the peace of mind, visit www.roadid.com and order yours, and use the code ThanksJennifer630791 to get your whole $1 off 🙂

Happy running!



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