>The Bee's Knees

>I’ll tell you what is NOT the bee’s knees, and that is this damned ol’ knee pain I’m having as of late.

You may remember my little foot injury I had several weeks ago, where the PT told me I was running incorrectly (heel-striking). So I’ve really settled into my new running style – but I fear with this new running style, I’m discovering or creating new injuries. TOTAL bummer.

My knee, which acted up a bit when I ran track like 13 years ago (yikes), is acting up again. So much so that I ran half a mile this morning and called it a day. Seriously – half a mile. But I’m so afraid to “push through the pain” and injure it further.

I seriously am trying not to fall into a deep depression at this very moment, thinking about all of the time, energy, emotion and money I’ve invested into this little hobby of mine. So words of encouragement, suggestions from other runners who have battled knee pain, etc. are all welcome 🙂

I’ve got an email into the PT to see what he thinks and have plans to maybe try a simple knee brace before I totally throw in the towel, but am also trying to prepare myself that I may not make it to this year’s Music City Half, and that just breaks my heart.

One thing that is getting me through this at the very moment is that I’m in Destin. So I’m going to put on my swimsuit and wallow in the sand whilst drowning my sorrows in Coronas. And if that doesn’t work, I may just run limp down the beach screaming like a maniac, flailing my arms and stomping on children’s sand castles. That will at least make me temporarily feel better.



2 thoughts on “>The Bee's Knees

  1. >Bless your heart sweetie!!! I am so sorry to hear of another injury for you– you've been doing sooo great so don't let this stop you… even if you can't make it this year, I KNOW you'll be doing other races and you'll work your way through all this =)I've got faith in you babe– enjoy Destin and eat lots of seafood for me!!

  2. >Hey Jenn! Welcome to my world!!! I have knee pain 24/7..it is never ending!!!! But..it's manageable!!!! Totally okay! Here's the plan..or at least what works for me! I have the ever lovely "runner's knee" in my right knee…it has to do with my i.t. band that runs from my right hip all the way down to my knee..it gets super tight and pulls my knee cap off track just a little which then makes my knee hurt just a little bit more than that! I've been using a knee brace all winter that keeps my knee cap from moving (& the whole knee cap thing moving isn't gross or anything like that…it just sort of slides over…it doesn't actually pop out of place or anything like that!). So, the brace works except I am now running in shorts and the brace does not stay because of the sweat! Luckily, I ran in the Knoxville Half last weekend and while at the expo I came across the K.T. tape! It is amazing! The website is http://www.kttape.com. I haven't blogged about it yet because I've been way too busy, but look for it in the future! I love this tape so much that I wear it all the time…it makes my knee feel great! You can get it at places like Dicks or Target…at least that's what the website says..I haven't looked yet, but do know you can order it off amazon! Also, stretching is really important! I have to make sure I stretch my right hip out every direction I can every night and there are some exercises I am supposed to be doing that will also help. I don't always get around to those exercises! So…you may not have the same thing, but if you do there is hope! K.T. tape!!!! Keep me posted on how it goes! You may just need to take a week off and then start back up again! You will be fine as far as training goes! I really hope you get to run!!!!!!! Oh and ice, heat, ice, heat, ice, heat…just keep doing that over and over! That's how I have to recover after my half marathons!!!!

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