>I got my official confirmation (what you have to take with you to pick up your race bib) for the Country Music Half Marathon today.

I promptly had to excuse myself from my desk and visit the facilities…

Holy butterflies in the stomach, Batman.

In other running news, I also visited my new BFF Perry Smith out at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy for my little knee annoyance I blogged about last week. Well, let me back up a bit….

Thanks to my AMAZING running/blogging friends, (snugs to Noelle, Natasha, J Doss and Mauri) I got lots of awesome love and advice about how to deal with this knee pain. I bought a pretty inexpensive, but quality, knee brace and tested it Monday with a two-miler. HOLY MIRACLE of all miracles. (besides the birth of Jesus, the ultimate miracle, this is pretty much it…) I had no pain!

So I did my four-mile training run with it on Tuesday and again – was great. Besides me nearly having a heat stroke (um – I’ve only been running in like 55-60 degree weather at the max, and we broke the heat record on Tuesday with like 87…and that’s what it was when I ran.) I almost slammed my face into the fountain outside J. Alexander’s on my last mile. An elderly lady in pearls and her cardigan draped over her shoulders gave me the evil eye whilst I pondered it, or I may have done a naked cannonball.

Anyways – I had a little soreness the next day, but pretty minimal. Still, I made an appointment with Perry the physical therapy genius.

Verdict – on my right side, my right hip has a lot more range of motion than my left. In addition, the tendons running all the way from my hip and to my ankle, and in and around my ankle, seem weaker than my left side. If I balance on my right foot only, it’s a lot more difficult for me than my left foot. MEANING (stay with me people), your knee simply follows your hip and ankle – it tries to stay in line with them. So as I strike while running with my right foot, if it’s shaky and less stable because those tendons or week, or because my hip is swaying all over the place (easy fellas…) my knee will bobble around a bit too trying to follow it. That’s why the sturdy brace makes it feel so much better – it’s holding it on track or in line.

SO, I need to strengthen my hip muscles (who knew?) and those tendons with a few simple stretches and exercies. Perry thinks I’ll be out of the knee brace soon after the Half Marathon. Woo hoo!

He did say this – “I mean, you’re put together pretty well.” (Nice…thanks G.O.D. and Jeff and Cyndy, of course.) “You’re built like a runner – you’re built for this.” YES! Because for a damn minute or 20, I was starting to think I was NOT cut out for this at all.

Pretty much made my week to hear that.

So, 4 more miles in my brace today and then 8 on Saturday – that will be the real test.

Run on runners – run on.



2 thoughts on “>Confirmed

  1. >SOOOOO glad to hear that things are looking up!! I was waiting to hear and I am sooo happy for you… I filled out my confirmation sheet yesterday too–WOO HOO!! We should all try to go to the Expo together… I'm going on Thursday afternoon to avoid the madness of visitors on Friday! We're almost there sweetie!!! P.S. yes, the hot weather is killing me, too! My long run tomorrow will be done EARLY

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