>My Stealthy Little Hunter

>Callie is back in Nashville. I am so glad to have my hairy little baby back, and I’d like to think she’s glad to be back! Although I know she misses her grandparents 🙂 They sure took good care of her, and she misses sitting on the back porch looking at the wildlife.

In Nashville we have our own kind of wildlife – like hippies on bicycles. But every now and then, we get a bird or two on the deck and Callie gets REALLY excited about it.

Today, we were cooling off after a run (by we, I mean me…Callie’s not a fan of the exercising) on the deck, and there were these CRAZY birds on the power lines. I think they had a death wish, because they kept getting closer and closer – taunting Callie Cat. I mean, hello – this cat clearly hasn’t missed many meals…you could be next, bird.

Ignore what a moron I sound like in this video, but she mimics me and it’s hilarious. Ha.



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