>Hello Work World…


…Jenn called, she wants her life back.

I’ve been B.U.S.Y. at work – ’tis that time of year!! So grateful to have a job…but also will be so grateful when things slow down from warp speed, soon!

I’m headed to D.C. next week for a conference, and it’s going to be the bomb.com, but I’m ready for it to get here!

In the meantime, I did find some downtime last weekend to spend with the fam – who I love dearly. What do we do in Kingston when we get together? We shoot thangs.

Love this picture of Dad and Rog.
Shootin’ some skeet.

Please excuse how lovely I look…we had just been running in the East TN humidity.

Ashley – sans ear plugs. Owwwwww she said.


Just a few shells.

He loves to shoot stuff…

Then we watched Bailey and Ozzy run. Bailey is moving so fast she’s airborne. Ozzy…well, he’s that tiny black dot under the tree down there.

Cutie pie.

That afternoon I made Rog go shopping with me, so I had to reward him (and me) with some Menchies. Our first trip. Not good that we have one of these in Nashville now. I had cake batter yogurt, with hot fudge, peanut butter chips and strawberries. Mmmm.

Happy yogurt heads.

Next weekend – back to Kingston for a 5K with my Daddy for my birthday weekend! Woo hoo!



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