>Run Girl Run

>Training season is nearly upon us again! I have plans to run the Women’s Running Magazine’s Half Marathon in Nashville in September. I’m pretty excited about this unique race – everything catered to women from the medal with a removable charm for a necklace (hello, how cool?!) and an awesome expo and goody bag catered to women.

The course is also different from the Country Music Half, so that’s nice. I’m not quite ready to spend a ton of money traveling to another city for a race – but maybe I’ll do that next 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll take another stroll around Nashville. You can check out the details here. http://www.womenshalfmarathon.com/nashville/

I also would not be doing my blogging duty if I didn’t tell you about the most awesome half marathon training group with Fleet Feet. I signed up yesterday, so no turning back now. For $50, you get a group run every Saturday and a training schedule to follow during the week. They plan your routes with water stops along the way, for those long Saturday runs. They also provide pacers, so you can settle in behind someone and a smaller group of people who all are running a 10 minute mile, or whatever your goal pace is. Some of the pace groups really get to know each other and bond and even ran together on race day, during the Country Music Half! Pretty awesome.

The experience of running with several hundred people every Saturday really helped prep me for the race last time. It helped me learn to listen to my body and not take off at a 7 minute mile to keep up with other folks, etc. 🙂 It was great! Even though many long-runs I ran by myself the whole time, it was good to just have folks around you – it really pushed me on days when if I had been by myself I KNOW I would have stopped and walked…straight to the house!

So if you’re interested ladies – sign up fast as this training group is capped at 250! http://www.fleetfeetnashville.com/

Get your run on, girls!



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