>My Blonde Half


Wendy, my bestest and longest friend, had her birthday yesterday. Mine was last Monday. We were born 5 days apart and have been inseparable ever since. Actually, I take that back. Even better than being inseparable, we’ve been able to constantly do our own thing throughout our 27 years together, but we stay close and always come back together like we never missed a beat.
We had every class together through elementary school.

In middle school Wendy was a cheerleader, I ran track. We stayed best friends. In high school, I cheered with her. We both decided to go to UT our junior year, but knew better than to be roommates if we wanted to remain friends 🙂 So we were suitemates. She joined Phi Mu and I didn’t (reason to remain unlisted, but let’s just say I wised up eventually…) but we remained close – and eventually were “sisters.” She’s actually my Big Sis, in Phi Mu. And then she got into nursing school and moved off campus – and we still remained close, while I lived on campus as an RA.

Then when she graduated we lived together again in Nashville. That is by far my most favorite year in Nashville so far. We had the best time and I loved our little house together.

Now, she is happily married to a wonderful man and lives 30-45 minutes away in Spring Hill, but we always pick up like we never missed a beat as soon as we’re together. I love her and she’ll always be my Wendy!

Yesterday to celebrate, her sweet husband arranged for a bunch of us girls to go to Sips n’ Strokes – where you sip on wine and paint! Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it is SO fun and we all left with beautiful paintings. The instructor tells you every move to make, and you just follow along. (I’ll post a picture of all of us with our paintings later, when I get it from Diana). 🙂

Here’s the birthday girl, getting her painting apron on.
Wine and paint? How fun.

Me and my other momma, Diana.

Wendy and her Momma-in-Law, Robin.

Diana – the perfectionist 🙂

My finished product! I love it!

The birthday girls.

While the girls were painting, the boys were gathering at the Davis house and getting ready to grill. We went there after we were done and grilled out and just hung out – it was such a nice night and so fun catching up with everyone. I love that group of friends and always enjoy my visits out there.

Kelly stopped by! It was Emmy’s birthday too – Wendy says she got the best birthday present ever last year, when Emmy was born 🙂
Sunset in Spring Hill – really!? How can you not love Tennessee.

Me and the Rog.

Here’s to celebrating lots more birthdays together – Wen and Jenn!

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