>Skinny, Southern Girl


At least, that’s what I think I was trying to achieve with my impulse buys moments ago.

I read on my friend Natasha’s blog about a magazine promo that Amazon.com is doing, and the prices on most magazines are totally slashed. I already get Glamour and Allure (thanks Aunt B!), but anytime I travel I let myself enjoy the luxury of an US Weekly and a Southern Living. Since US Weekly is a weekly mag (no, really?), it was still a little out of the ol’ price range. But Southern Living was a mere $14 for TWO years. Yes please.

Another one I really enjoy is Cooking Light. There are some great, healthy recipes in there, and I seem to be at a constant loss for new recipes. See, ya’ll will benefit from this new purchase – I’ll post recipes! This was $24 for two years – a little pricier – but still just $1/issue! (I’d find a way to justify anything…”this Maserati only costs me $100/day to drive! I’ll take two…”)

Go check out some of the deals for yourself and join me in my venture to not read actual books.

I did ponder “Runners World” or “Women’s Running Magazine” for a bit. Nah….

One thought on “>Skinny, Southern Girl

  1. >love love love!!! at least someone else is hooked on fabulous deals, too–plus i agree, it was SOOO cheap… and yes, i thought about Shape, but I can peruse online for that… no need to keep my racks too full 😉

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