>Some Throw Pillows are Meant to Be Tossed


Rog and I picked out a couch for the Flat in January – which is awesome. But we both tried to get the sales guy to swap the pillows on-site with some others, but he wouldn’t. They were just a little tacky.

Then when I decided to learn to sew, I thought “I’ll cover those in a jiffy.” Well, six months later and after I learned how to make myself some skirts first (hey, priorities), I finally covered them this weekend.

They were ok I guess, but were kind of safari-like, if you ask me. I went to JoAnn’s for fabric and was totally frustrated that it was going to be so expensive to cover them (they are not just throw pillows, but the actual couch pillows and are 25″x25″) – but then I stumbled upon the perfect fabric that was in the clearance section. Oh yeah. So, I covered three massive pillows for $18.

Before on the left – after on the right. The gold-ish one behind the safari print also came with the couch – but were legit. And the new fabric I found matches those perfect. Ta-da!

Lovely. And there are some curtains you should recognize by yours truly, as well 😉

Watch out Martha.

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