>Happy Birthday, to my Daddy!

>Today is my Dad’s birthday. He’s timeless, so I won’t tell you how many years young he is because it’s irrelevant.

I’m a Daddy’s girl – he’s my main man – the best Christian man I know and the most understanding, caring and inspirational male influence in my life. He’s the yard-stick by which I measure all men. (Aw hell…guess this means I’m going to die a crazy, single, old cat lady…) Kidding…mostly.

He taught me my love for running, and I think about him everytime I do it. He taught me my love for the outdoors, and I think about him everytime I camp or am anywhere near a stream or lake. He, Josh and I used to sleep three deep in a two person tent when Josh and I were little at Frozen Head State Park. Dad and his little bugs in a rug.

Dad and I went hiking there, just me and him, last March – when my world was sort of unraveling around me. I wanted to go there to talk to him about things – but we ended up hiking all afternoon and didn’t talk about it at all – cause we didn’t have to. I just needed to be near him and embrace the memory of better days and simpler times, so that’s exactly what we did. Just hiked and shot the breeze.

He’s my main man – always will be. Always knows what to say without even saying it.

Here I am singing Happy Birthday to Dad, once upon a time. Check out those shorts.
And here is the happy couple on my first birthday. Dad is about 16 here, I think. (Kidding…but he sure looks youthful!)
Hiking last March at Frozen Head.

Twinks. Look at our orange shirts and crossed feet. We did not plan the matching pose, promise.

There to cheer me on at my first Half!

And 2nd place father/daughter team in the Knox Expo.

Many more memories to come with the old man!

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