>Clean Kicks


What better for a little running motivation during the hot, humid, summer half-marathon training I’m about to embark upon than a shiny new pair of running kicks…

Oh yes, friends. Not much makes me happier than new running paraphenalia.

I’ve got well over 300 miles on my last pair, and even though I bet they’d go to 500, they are definitely starting to wear in places and I know I’ll be adding LOTS of miles soon, as I start half marathon training again, so I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought some new ones.

They are the same brand and style (Brooks Ravennas) that my Fleet Feet crew told me were perfect for my pups, so I ordered these online for a discount…and in pink and orange, this time! Yes please.

I thought I’d save a ton of money by purchasing online (no offense Fleet Feet – you’re totally worth it…but we’re in a recession here), but turns out I’d only save like $1. Really? But after a little googling around, I found a coupon at retailmenot.com for Running Warehouse, AND they do free two-day shipping. The coupon saved me $15. Sweet, Prefontaine success.

Hello, lovelies.
Mmmm, I love the way (new) running shoes smell. Not for long…

Happy running, peeps! Don’t sweat your brains out. Although, lately this lower humidity has allowed me to briefly feel like Forrest Gump! Back to the real deal next week when I pass out at my first Fleet Feet training run, I’m afraid.

Oh, and camping pictures coming this weekend when I get motivated to edit and post them!



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