>Training Day

>Well folks, we’re officially underway with training for my second half marathon. This week marked the first week, and Saturday will be our Fleet Feet group’s first “long run” of 4 miles. I put long run in quotes, because it doesn’t seem that long to many…but to me, it actually does. Ha.

I’ve tapered way back given this heat and humidity since running the half in April, but thankfully I think I’m finally getting used to it and am not feeling so much like I suddenly developed asthma overnight everytime I run 1 mile.

Am excited about falling in love with running again, and running with a pack of awesome ladies every Saturday from now until end of September 🙂

Will keep you up to date on the progress – to hold myself accountable, mostly!

And am going to try to take more pictures – I still wish I would have run with my camera during the half in April. I mean, you see some crazy hilariousness on runs through Nashville. Plus, I pretty much live every second of my existence a little bit of everyday trying to be like Skinny Runner – so yeah, expect some running pictures. Or at least some pictures of me so red-faced and sweaty that I look like I’ve been sunbathing on the equator while in a Mike Tyson choke hold.



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