>Oh, That’s Just My Sciatica Acting Up Again…


…because I’m apparently 97 years old.
Several weeks ago I had this pain in my hip and right butt cheek (hello, blogging world – this is me, talking about my butt pains). I mean, it crippled me. I had to lean over the bed and rub it out so I could walk again. Neat.
Then a couple of times while running I had the same shooting pain. Matter of fact, at 6:15 a.m. this morning, you could find me laying on a sidewalk in the middle of Vanderbilt campus stretching my leg up over my head. Again…neat. “No innocent bystander – I’m fine. Why do you stare so much?”
Well apparently sciatica pain isn’t just for old ladies. After some time on Web MD today, it’s definitely my sciatica. (Or maybe I have a tumor? Or spinal cord damage? Or my back is about to go out completely? Web MD is the devil.)
So apparently I need to do some lower back exercises if this is indeed what it is. I’m going to see how I feel after my long run this weekend (if I can make it without having to be carried off the trail), but I may be visiting the ever genius Perry Smith again if this keeps up.
Let’s just remember that I voluntarily get up at 5:45 every Saturday morning and go voluntarily torture myself by sweating 8 buckets of sweat – and in return I get to feel like an old lady. (Oh yeah, there’s the unbeatable runner’s high and immense sense of accomplishment too, I guess.)
In the meantime, here I am:

Photo credit to Chrys Campos.

Till next time, you whipper snappers.



3 thoughts on “>Oh, That’s Just My Sciatica Acting Up Again…

  1. >It's either that or your i.t. band is way too tight and you need to stretch and of course go get a massage!!!!! Let me share my pains of the last two weeks with you…(should probably blog it, but we all know I'm not so good at this blogging thing!) after two months of having pain in my left calf muscle/side calf muscle/possible shin, I finally tell my chiro. about it and we figure out I have torn my calf muscle! He benched me for at least a week! So hard! Then, I get to run again, rules include, only 3 miles a day during the week and then whatever I want to run on the weekends…so I run M-F, 3 miles, Saturday, I take a break, Sunday, I run 6 miles…feels GREAT! Sunday was super hot and I was super sweaty, so I decided to febreeze my knee brace. Not to self and all others out there…don't febreeze your knee brace in the kitchen! I febreezed, I turned, I fell! Big fall too! Managed to fall/slide straight into the very corner where the two walls in the kitchen meet and use my knee cap as my blocker! Absolute pain! I thought I cracked my knee cap in half! Felt awful! I don't sleep Sunday night, am in major pain all day Monday, don't sleep Monday night and go to my chiro. on Tuesday for him to check it out! After x-rays, he informs me I have a bone spur on my knee cap (probably from the car wreck) and when I hit my knee, I made the bone spur hit something that hit something else that hit something else, thus the unbelievable pain I've been in! I'm doing better today and have been released to run a little! Mom asked if I saw these things as signs…nah! just challenges to overcome! I'm running Nashville too!!!! Good luck with your training!

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