>Date Night

>Rog and I had a date night last night to the 12 South District. We had dinner at Burger Up, this new hip burger joint that has the coolest decor and DELICIOUS burgers. They get all of their meat from a local ranch in Franklin. I had the Mushroom and Swiss (but it was fancied up with cremini mushrooms and gruyere cheese.) Rog had the Woodstock, which had Tennessee Sweetwater cheese and Bacon.

My handsome date.
Our yummy food. Rog had sweet potato fries, and I had vidalia onion rings bigger than my burger!

After dinner, we went right next door to Las Paletas. Las Paletas makes gourmet popsicles out of all sorts of crazy flavors. There’s the creamy category (like an ice cream base) and fruity category (icey popsickles we’re all used to). I’ve previous had Pineapple Chile – which was pineapple with specks of red chile in it. Wow. It was spicy, and cool all at the same time. Last night I tried Avocado (one of the creamy ones.) It was AMAZING. Kind of like vanilla ice cream but with a hint of avocado. Rog tried hibiscus. Yes, like the flower. It was yummy too!

What a fun date night! Let’s do more…



One thought on “>Date Night

  1. >Hi Jenn, it's Jenny from the Southern Institute! I just (finally) found my way to your blog after seeing your blog name pop up in my analytics tool again and again. So glad I did! Another Nashville gal… yes! Thanks so much for putting me in your list of blogs… that's awesome! My hubbby and I haven't been to Burger Up yet, but we love us some Las Paletas. We actually met while we both lived in that neighborhood… it wasn't quite as hip back then… in fact shootings were still a semi regular thing, but look at it now!I'd love to hear from you when you get the chance. Have a great weekend!

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