>Ruffle My Feathers

>So that little sewing project that got the best of me twice last week — well, I finally accomplished it this weekend. And it took a mere 20 minutes this time, for some reason. Voila.

Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don’t.

Anyways – one of my fave bloggers that I read regularly posted a “Tutorials for Her” blog, with lots of tutorials on cute projects. Check out Mrs. Sabbe’s post here, if you need some inspiration. (Thanks for this post, Stephanie!)

One of the projects was an Ann Taylor LOFT inspired tank. I love tank tops with texture and dimension. I live in tank tops in the summer. So I definitely wanted to try this one, and had plenty of good ol’ wife beater tanks that could use a little flair. (Click here for the tutorial and shout out to Ruffles and Stuff for the tutorial. Definitely wasn’t her fault I was a failure last weekend.) I’ll be visiting this blog often!

My issue last week was when it came time to backstich on the ruffle to get it to stay in place. For some reason the dang thing would flatten back out every time. So annoying. So this time to get the ruffle to stay, I just tied the thread off at both ends. Who knows – the thing may unravel as soon as I wash it. I’m kind of sewing virgin so I don’t know all of the tricks yet. I just do what makes sense in my head – which is a gamble most of the time.

You’ll also notice that I left some space in the middle of mine (not on purpose, but hey, I dig it). And I didn’t use the pinking shears on one side – because I didn’t have any and am a cheapskate.

So, anyways – check it out. I dig it.

This might be a perfect little gameday tank for those first couple of hot games! đŸ™‚ I think I’ll do more of these – so cute and easy now that I have the hang of it.



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