>I Have Ruffles On My Underpants

>Now that I’ve mastered “the gathering stitch,” I seriously may have ruffles on everything I own soon. I can’t get enough of a good ruffle. They are so girly.

I was at Old Navy today for their big jean sale (I heart Old Navy jeans) and found these solid, quarter length sleeve tees, which I love, for $5. Wow. I’ll buy about anything for $5. It’s like they’re practically paying YOU to take it. You know? (No, I don’t have a shopping problem…)

I was also thinking the entire time “You know what would spice this tee right up? RUFFLES.”

I had another long-sleeved tee at home that was a hand-me down (thanks Wen! Ha) that is such a pretty pink, but kind of worn out with a couple of teency holes in it. So, it was onto it’s new destiny – to become a ruffle.

Here’s the finished product. I HEART this shirt. Pink and black together rock my ruffled face off.

(Please ignore my head and that I’ve yet to shower today.)
(Oh good, a close-up of the unshowered head – concentrate on the ruffle!)

This is maybe some hybrid of a tutorial like THIS. I used bigger pieces – a 4″, 3″, and 2″ laid on top of each other – stiched right down the middle with my tension as loose as it would go, pulled the bottom thread to gather, then stiched it straight down the middle over the gathered stich onto the shirt! I also stiched it horizontally at the top of the ruffle, so it would lay flat at the top across the shirt, rather than the corners folding over.

Enjoy, ruffle heads! More to come, I’m sure.



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