>My Favorite Date Night


What are Friday nights before a Saturday morning butt crack of dawn run good for? Date nights in. Take out. Walking to PF Changs, a block away, and picking up dinner. Eating with Callie sitting on the table, but with her paws crossed, which makes it acceptable to be on the table. Because it’s proper and prissy. I love Friday night date nights in.

When we go on walking dates, Callie knows which window to watch for us from. Do you see her?
There’s the little fur bag.

Well hello – how did you ever see me?

Mmmm. Orange peel shrimp for me, wok seared lamb for Rog (maybe my new favorite) and lettuce wraps for sharing. Oh, and wine for both.

Callie = lush.

Girl likes to eat.

Tiny little lamb babies. Yum.

Eating bores Callie unless she’s the one doing it. Look at those paws. She’s VERY proper at the dinner table.

8 miles in the mo’ning. Here’s to thinking good running vibes. I remember the first time I ran 8 this spring – I couldn’t believe it – that I had just done that. Tomorrow, will likely be the same euphoria all over again. I’m pretty stoked about it.

One thought on “>My Favorite Date Night

  1. >Ha Ha, now I know exactly where you live! Didn't that used to be Greek to Me (is that what it was called). Don't worry, I'm not as creepy as that sounded… but you already know that. Good luck in all of my giveaways!!

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