>I'm Having Cake for Breakfast!

>I apologize in advance for the lengthy post…but this is some good stuff.

This past weekend I had to be in Asheville, NC on Sunday evening for a work function, and all day Monday. The family, Rog and I took the opportunity to head over early and spend a weekend together. Amazingly good time had by all, I must say.

I have a love affair with Asheville – this you already know. So any excuse to go there is good enough for me.

Rog works in a studio there from time to time, and the studio owns a great house in the Bed and Breakfast district about a mile from downtown – so the whole famdamily shacked up there and had some good quality time together.

Let’s relive the fun, shall we?

We arrived Friday just after 5, and promptly headed to Cyndy’s favorite Asheville dining establishment, The Lobster Trap. The Lobster Mac and Cheese – delish.

After dinner, we toured around downtown. Among our stops were the General Store and an antique store.
The General Store with the Village Idiots.

Then, as I’d expect nothing less from Asheville, we stumbled upon a drum circle. Apparently, this happens in a little public park in downtown every Friday night. Folks gather with their drums (or buckets and sticks) and just drum. People dance, and non-locals such as my Dad look on…confused…astounded.
During my work function on Sunday evening a County Commissioner was at my table. He brought up the drum circle and added that it was very ‘odd,’ but happens every Friday. Even some locals are confused by Asheville’s weirdness – but I find it endearing 🙂

As one might expect when staying in a house that has a regular rotation of musicians each week, we found interesting ways to entertain ourselves after our jaunt about town. Josh and I both took up the violin, that we found just stashed in a corner.

Josh has a bit more Charlie Daniels in him (wait…that’s the fiddle…) than I do. Mine sounded like a dying cat.
Rog just found it all humorous.
Ashley and I discovered this mask. Oddly enough, we walked by it several times before we noticed it. Meaning, it fit right in.

On Saturday, we had a lovely Southern breakfast at Mayfels, a cajun inspired cafe downtown. Then Rog headed into the studio and the rest of us went to tour the Grove Park Inn. Having done some work there and been given the grand tour of the place, and full history lesson by the director of sales, I passed my knowledge along to the fam. Once as I said, “And this is the main inn elevator – it is the original elevator from when the Inn was first built, before the two additional wings were added on. It’s still manually operated by an elevator operator, today,” — a couple stopped to listen to me and then began snapping pictures of this elevator. They thought I was a tour guide. And well, I am. “Next – here is a really old piece of furniture…”

Mayfel’s for breakfast. Yum…
Awkward solo picture. If you make us wait for a table, we WILL have a photo shoot.
The Wades.
In the fireplace at the Grove Park Inn with the parents.
Foggy view of downtown from the GPI.
View of the Main Inn from the Spa level.
Mom and Dad. Aw 🙂
And then we visited Rog at the studio. Ashley wanted to touch all the “slidey things.” A girl after my own heart. I love the slidey things!

Following our fun morning, we went back to the house to get our game faces on. Why? Because it was time for the Wade/Masson takeover of the “Hot August Nights 5K.” When we started planning the trip, Ashley looked for 5K races that weekend nearby. Well, we lucked out – there was a 5K running through the Bed and Breakfast neighborhood that we were staying in. The race went by just feet from the house! So we signed up and off we went.

Let me tell ya – this race was a little low-budget, but AWESOME. You gotta love a small town road race. First, the roads were not closed. But this was no problem since it was quite the sleepy little neighborhood. There still was the occasional car zipping by you. Second – there were about 152 people running in the race. I run with more ladies than that on some Saturday mornings in my Fleet Feet group. For serious. And lastly, we lined up at the start, and Ashley and I were giggling and carrying on, waiting on the start, and all of the sudden we hear “READY…..GO!!” And everyone took off. Seriously – someone just yelled “ready go!” The first .25 mile was STRAIGHT up hill and we dang near busted a gut because we were giggling so hard at the race start. And then, a lady with a buzz cut and a rat tail passed us and I nearly just rolled into the ditch and called it a day. I was so gassed at the top of that first hill from laughing hysterically.

I also said I was NOT going to bust a gut on this race, having just run my 9 mile training run on Thursday evening. I said I was going to do a nice, easy 10 min/mile pace. I crossed the first mile and the lady said “9.20
!” I cursed out loud.

But alas, we finished and everyone did great. It was SUCH a fun race. Hilly, but fun.

Getting psyched up at the studio house.
My sista.
My Wade boys.
I’m with the special kids. Please click on this picture and make it bigger so you can really appreciate it.
I said I was going to run with my camera and take lots of pictures. Well, I was concentrating so hard on not passing out, that this is the only one I took of Rog and I. Nice.
Here come Dad and Josh on the turn! Josh gives this race two thumbs up.
Post-race. We look wonderful.
My man! My running buddy.
So, funny story. I said “here Mom, take a picture of the award winning father daughter team.” So she takes my camera and we pose, and I can’t figure out why she isn’t taking the picture. Dad also has his mouth full of oatmeal cookie. Then I realize that Mom has the camera upside down – hence the reason the button is not where she expects it to be. I say “Mom…it’s upside down.” Dad gets tickled, still has oatmeal cookie in his mouth. And when she corrects it and takes the picture, this is the state we were in. Me looking at Dad, waiting for cookie to spew, and Dad trying not to choke.
Hilarity ensues. These are my favorite pictures from the weekend. I think she planned it…
Joshy won 3rd in his age group! He got a medal! 🙂 We were very proud. “ready….GO!”
Here are some photos of us speed racers that were in the Asheville Citizen Times the next day.

Dad and Josh – I mean…look at this hill.

Josh – game face.
Me, always ready to ham it up for the camera, but clearly I’m totally sucking wind. And apparently we thought we had to run in order of registration number…
Sunday the Wades went home (tear) and Rog and I packed up and headed over to the Biltmore Inn where we’d spend Sunday night for my work event. (Not too shabby. It’s no Hampton Inn, but I’ll take it.)

First, we stopped by Green Life grocery store for a little salad bar. I felt like I needed some vitamins after not eating quite so healthy all weekend. I mean, hence the title of this post, I DID have cake for breakfast. But that’s what weekend getaways are for.
We checked into the room – and checked out the view. Wow.

Then we headed to happy hour. I will not tell you how much these glasses of wine cost us, for fear you may have heart failure as we nearly did. House wine at the Biltmore = Biltmore Reserve. I’ll stick to beer from now on…
Aren’t we just precious.
Hands down, best breakfast buffet ever. I mean, there was cheese on everything – my kind of food! Cheesy eggs, cheese grits (Mom and Aunt B, yours are way better than the Biltmore’s, by the way), cheese blintz (my fave). I threw a little fruit on my plate to mix it up. But if there had been shredded cheese sitting around, I’d have thrown some of that on top of it.
View from breakfast – I wish my butt was in one of those Adirondack chairs right now!
And after a long productive day, we headed home to the Callie girl.

I love you, Asheville! Until next time, hippie friends.



3 thoughts on “>I'm Having Cake for Breakfast!

  1. >Jon and I went to the Lobster Trap when we were there in July, it was fantastic!!! Did you all happen to try the chili pepper beer? It was weird… The crab pimento cheese dip was bananas.

  2. >:) Love this weekend! Refer to "special kids…" Lets remind your readers that this was taken after our trusty driver parked the car, got out, shut the door…What's that humming? Ah yes, the car is still on, keys in the ignition. Racing on your mind? I think so. Love you sista! See you labor day weekend!!!

  3. >i've been looking forward to reading this post! ok – i have a plan. let's put everything we own in nashville up for sale and head to ashville to live. i'm totally ready. i'm so glad you guys had a good time!

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