>Girl It Up, Girl

>I realized today that I have MISSED the one month countdown to the Women’s Half Marathon here in Nashville. Holy 13.1 miles, Batman. It’s rapidly approaching.

Here’s the skinny for the remainder of my training plan:

This week has been a rest week. SO nice. I ran 9 last week for my long-run. So this week was two 3 milers and my long run this week is 6. A MERE six. Easy peasy.

Next week, get yo’ game face back on, J Wade. Next week is two 5 milers and long run of 10 miles on September 4. Go Vols, and go running.

The following week is two six milers and a long run of TWELVE miles on September 11. This makes me want to vomit, but hey, I’m trained, prepped and ready.

The next week is a rest week (week before the race!!) so I do a 3 miler on Monday, 3 miler on Wednesday and then fly out to Los Angeles on Thursday! I’ll run 6 miles that Saturday (September 18) through Santa Monica and along the Pacific. Hello. Yes please. I may not come back.

The next week is another couple of 3 milers and RACE DAY, September 25! It’s so close!

I definitely have been so much more easy-going about this training and am looking forward to this race. I feel like I definitely had to completely re-train for it – I tapered off so much and lost interest in running long runs for a brief moment after the Country Music Half. But thankfully this training season (knock on wood) has been injury free and I’ve really enjoyed training with a bunch of women. Really fun experience.

I’m looking forward to the race in a whole new way – just knowing what to expect from a half marathon and knowing my body so much better this go-round and how it will react (i.e. my adrenaline runs out at mile 4-5 and I want to pull spectators’ babies out of their strollers so I can get in it and be pushed home while whining and sucking my thumb.) I refuse to set a time goal for this race – I still feel too “new” at this whole running thing and just want to enjoy it. Of course, I would love to do better than I did the last time – but the only goal I’m setting is to run more and take less walking breaks than I did during my first half. Gauntlet thrown down…that’s my goal.

I can’t wait to see how girled up this race is! Any race boasting a medal with a built-in removable charm is quite the girl-fest.

See ya on the course, sistas. Keep your baby strollers away from this girl, no matter how much she begs.



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