>When Advertising Fails

>I was on weather.com seeing how much more awesome the SoCal weather I’ll be in later this week is going to be than the hell that is Tennessee humidity, and saw this ad on the side of the page:

If you haven’t had a DUI,
you’re paying too much for auto insurance.
Ok – so I think they were trying to convey that the ONLY reason you should have pricey auto insurance is IF you’ve had a DUI. Otherwise, they can get you a deal.
But doesn’t this read so that one might think, “If I get a DUI, my car insurance rates will be lower? Dang – I have indeed NOT gotten a DUI yet. Let the mission begin to change that!”
Ok, so only an idiot would think that – but it really does read that way.
This ad = fail. Better luck next time lowermybills.com.

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